Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meet Brian and Erika

Brian, a handsome and dashing computer programmer. Born and raised in Michigan. He traveled internationally and locally in his twenties until wandering down to Austin Texas where he made his home for over 10 years. He then bought a bluewater sailboat, a Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34 and named her Rain Dog, sold all his worldly possessions, and moved onto Rain Dog. Rain Dog is berthed in Kemah, Texas.

Erika ( Wife) before falling head over heels for Brian, she lived aboard a Cape Dory 30. She is also an operating room nurse. A few weeks after Brian proposed to Erika to be his wife the docs found some tumors around her pituitary. After a complicated surgery to remove the little bastads, Erika began to slowly recover. Ongoing issues which get better every day, are migraines and light sensitivity, so you will usually see her with big dark sunglasses and a floppy hat.

The recovery from brain surgery required Brian and Erika to move off of their beloved Rain Dog and onto a cute adorable RV aptly named Buttercup ( see photo below ). B and E ( brian and erika )loved the RV life so much, they decided the buy a bigger one to travel in while waiting out hurricane season. Rain Dog must tuck into a safe port every year during hurricane season, so why not do a little land travel?


Last but not least of the clan their dog Kaela, she just turned 16 and is the sweetest old bag of bones! She loves to travel in the RV but is too old for trips aboard Rain Dog.

So here we are, about to move into a big beautiful RV and go play. I ( Erika) will be doing most of the blogging and you will have to bear with me with typos and mis-spelled words( I had brain surgery after all!).

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  1. Thanks to both of you for posting the name of your new Blog. I have certainly missed reading about you guys for a while, I trust that you are moving forward and getting better (Erika of course)! These things take time! I love the new RV as you call it, we call them Touring Caravans here in the UK or "Tin Tents" when they get in the way on narrow roads, :o)) of which there are many here. thanks again for your new Blog address, Live long and Prosper!

  2. Thanks! I have a hard time with the comment section of this blog because I work through my iPad, which isn't quite up to it at times, it likes to hide your comments :-)
    The koala is a BEAST! I'm sure she'd get many o curses on the narrow roads of the UK. hopefully, we will stay outta everyone's way on the big rolling lanes in America :-)