Saturday, August 4, 2012

Copper Harbor, Michigan

We are at Copper Harbor, Michigan. Weather is great, breezy, cool and not too buggy :-).

We a staying at Fort Wilkins State Park sandwiched between Lake Fanny Hooe and Lake Superior.

Lake Fanny Hooe is warm and beautiful! Lots of good rock hunting and about fifty feet from our campsite.

Lake superior is about 100 yards from our site. Brian and I took a drive to the very tip of the peninsula to a cove called Agate Beach :-). The drive was hard back road driving and quite an adventure.

Below, a fallen tree across the road.

Below, beautiful flora

The beach was very remote and we only saw four or five cars the entire day, three of which were work trucks. The area is known for black bears so we brought our bear spray.

The water is much colder than Lake Fanny Hooe but still nice.

Ahhh, Agate Beach, we are sure to find some cool rocks here!

And the cool rocks below...

Below, the grey stone is called a pudding stone, the first rock I found on the beach :-)

We will hit the local rock shop to get more books for identifying these rocks and minerals. I think I have at least one Agate and two or three agate chips...proper photos will follow as soon as I confirm my agate is what my keen rock hunting instincts tells me and not just a hunk of limestone( I'm good at finding limestone)

Below, my rock hunting spot on Lake Fanny Hooe. Quiet, secluded, felt like the end of the earth...sweet :-)

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