Friday, March 30, 2012

Buying Woop Woop ( the play by play) :-)

9 am
We are at the bank, brian is getting a cashiers check for the full amount.

Doing the walk through, everything looks good minus a loose bolt for the TV mount and a non functioning latch on a cabinet.

At the office, ready to dish out some mula.

Everything is signed and paid for, now Carlos shows us how to hitch up with our new distribution hitch ( fancy schmancy hitch). Going to film it so we can have a reference.....

YOUTUBE OF DISTRIBUTION HITCH....... To be added by hubby soon

1:00 pm

Eating at Cotton Patch, exhausted, hungry, happy to have our new home. The truck tows the trailer really well, a little sway, but I think we just need to get used to the bigger rig. The sway bar makes a racket when turning, so not sure what to do about that.

Will be home in an hour to start moving out of Buttercup and into Woop Woop Ozzy Bearden ( full name of trailer :-) )

Cleaned out Buttercup


Sweaty and tired sitting in our brand new home :-)

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  1. You are so lucky in the US ! as the home of great Rv`s! A moroccan circus owner friend of mine used to buy Airstream RV`s and ship them back to the UK, I guess he must have owned about five during the time I knew him. Thanks yet again for sharing enjoy your new home!