Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rocks, Cool Cool Rocks

Ever since setting foot in Wyoming I can't stop picking up the cool rocks scattered all around the ground. Whether it's in the driveway of the RV park, or out in the wild. I've even dug around an icy creek up in the mountains, I just can't resist these wonderful diverse rocks.

I have no idea what they are, not sure where to begin. I know they are run of the mill Wyoming rocks, I guess that is why I like em so much, every time I look at them I will think of beautiful Wyoming.

This guy just fascinates me, what caused the marks, fossils? Crystals? I found this one in Torrey creek up in the Wind River basin.

Below is NOT stuff I found but was given to Brian and I by an amateur geologist and fellow RVer.

Above desert Roses, these are crystals that grow on the desert floor...very cool

Above, in the box at 9 o'clock Apache tears ( volcanic glass), the pink necklace is a pink sapphire, at the bottom the clear glass looking rock is called a moon rock. Then, drum roll!! my absolute favorite, the long rock is actually 1.7 billion year old algae! I'll probably take it to a professional and see if a slice can be taken from it to make into a necklace. I am Ocean Girl after all :-) I practically slept with my algae rock the first few nights I had it, I couldn't tear my eyes off if it, it is just too cool!! now it sits in a place of honor under our big rear window of the RV.

We are heading to Wind River Gorge to truck camp so hopefully more rocks to come :-)

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