Friday, June 22, 2012

Jump forward, in Wyoming

We are in beautiful Wyoming. Sorry don't have time to write so will just post some fun pictures of how we got here with captions.

The campground we stayed in Colorado

Garden Of The Gods. Very pretty.

Enjoying a little sunshine and a kiss in the Garden Of the Gods.

Ahhh now we get to the real good stuff!!!

Kickin back checking out the Wind River Mountains

This butterfly flew around me for five minutes, sometimes trying to land on my hand which I had stretched out because I was holding the iPad to film him. I was a fun moment me twirling in circles trying to keep him in camera range.

Our campsite. We left the RV behind too camp in the very remote site. We slept under the stars in the bed of the truck( Brian had bought us an air mattress that fit the truck bed)
So fun!

And had a campfire to keep us warm :-)

Brian is in his glory! He is half mountain man half ocean man. ( good combo!)

Kaela is also in her glory, she acts like a two year old, not the 16 1/2 we all know her to be. She slept in the truck, I was too worried about coyotes.

We hiked a 'mini' hike. One hour up and one hour down. Brian said I did much better than he expected and went at a very good pace. I'm trying to impress him with my mountain girl qualities, though getting over brain surgery is getting in the way a bit.

The beauty is unbelievable, I really prefer this to the Tetons.

Torrey creek ( waterfall at this point :-) )

Grizzly Bear and her cub on togwotee pass

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