Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ocean girl update, At the Beach, and Other Happenings

I was just at the beach. Brian and I have had our RV on the beach for a few weeks now after being inland for many months. Swimming in the ocean awoke something in me. Something I had to tuck away before they moved me onto that gurney and rolled me into that operating room. Silly. I was surprised and baffled that all the medications and the doctors visits and all the physical therapy wasn't helping me. I had plateau'd in my recovery. Nothing I did seemed to help, I followed every hair brained idea the docs had, even when I knew darn well I didn't need yet another stupid pill. Lord I am tired of pills!
But that the simple act of walking out into those breaking waves letting each one crash around me. The beautiful bluish green water, sagrasso seaweed floating about. I felt that old childish joy, the wonder of it all, the ocean. But again, Silly. My nickname is Ocean Girl, why am I surprised the real healing wouldn't begin until I could get my ass back on/in the water? It is about the ocean, it has always been about the ocean.
Sorry for the rant, but I haven't done it in a while so figure I was overdue anyway :-).

Brian is great, he swims with me too, that boy has saltwater in his veins I tell ya. This weekend is 'Boys' weekend. Brian and a bunch of his friends are taking Rain Dog out for a weekend sail and getaway.

Brian's nephews, his sister and brother-in-law were down for the weekend. Brian, my niece and I stayed on Rain Dog. Rebecca (Brian's sister) and family stayed at the RV. Avery (Rebecca's father-in-law) was also here, along with Abbey and Ron, with kids Roxy and Sly ( friends from Austin) Whew! So as you can see we had quite a crew!

I was a bit overwhelmed by it all, but my niece and I had a blast boogie boarding and flying kites on the beach. The first day the waves were rippin ( is that the right word?) I saw two small sharks between the first and second sandbar, but big not enough to get out of the water, they were probably 2-3 ft long( little babies!) Though as I write this I realize that the parents of my niece may read this, them being landlubbers may not quite understand or find this amusing. Anyways, Brian also took them sailing and on the Dolphin watch boat.

We are headed inland for a few months ( gulp). We are going to Wyoming , Minisota , and Michigan so will be in some really beautiful places. In September we are planning a Caribbean trip, not sure where, still hurricane season so no time to take Rain Dog, maybe fly out to the Exumas to scope out the joint for our next trip in RD. Maybe catch up with some friends on one of the islands. I've been wanting to visit 'See Yawl Later' a catamaran that used to live at our marina up in Kemah. Not sure, I am sure I need some warm tropical water before the long winter. Sabbatical ends October....maybe :-)

This is from an Australian poet Michael Leunig. This poem kinda grabbed me. The frustrations of a slow recovery, especially when it involves the brain, critical thinking, and higher functioning. To know I'm not functioning the way I was before surgery. It is a bit surreal. The other day I was fighting with the remote control, had me in tears because the damn thing was out smarting me. I was flashing to my grandpa fighting with the VCR.. Yep, I was crying over a remote control. Btw the very next night was joking with my husband about physics and made a quark joke. So all my cylinders must be firing, just not all the time....

"It's out there at sea that you are really yourself."
-Vito Dumas

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