Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goodbye Georgetown

Headed for Brookshire ( next to Katy ). Katy is where a lot of my family are and also most of my doctors are in there too. This week I have a neurologist appointment. This doctor Has done a great job of getting my head pain down to a dull thud :-). I do seem to be able to do more and more everyday. The sun still kills me but that just needs time ( says the doctor ). So I'm still in hiding from the photons.
Brian is doing great, getting a feel for towing Woop Woop. We took the sway bar off completely, due to the terrible noises it was making. Brian will put it back on and readjust after this short trip to brookshire. We will have it on for our jaunt down to kemah, see if it really makes a difference. Today is pretty breezy

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